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My great-great grandfather and his brother bought this farm in the 1880s.  They built a two-room log cabin by the spring on what later was named Berry Mountain.  In the 1920's, they moved the log cabin across the road and added two more rooms and a bath.  That house is no longer standing.  They built the beautiful red barn in 1941.  Every succeeding generation  has farmed and cared for this land.  

The west side (20 acres +/-) is not for sale at this time.  It is prime development property and contains approximately 11 acres of woods.  

Excellent road frontage.  

The east side, Berry Cove, is being developed by Hyde Homes.

East side adjacent to Land Trust Property

In 2007, my mother and I donated 18.85 acres  on Berry Mountain, part of the original farm, to the Land Trust.  It adjoins a little over 100 acres that was donated to the Land Trust by Watts Properties Partnership in 1999.  There are incredible natural features on the property, including limestone boulders , a wet weather spring, century-old trees, and beautiful plant and animal life.  


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