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J. T. Berry, Inc.

Berry Millsaps properties, llc

MIllsaps plaza

My Berry grandparents, John and Ella Berry, farmed and ran a general store in 

Bell Factory, Alabama, near Riverton School.  

My Millsaps grandparents, Arthur and Essie Millsaps, farmed and ran a general store in 

Maysville, Alabama, near Gurley.  

They hired my father to build Millsaps Plaza for them in 1960.  First my grandfather, then my grandmother managed Millsaps Plaza, which my mother manages now. 

My dad, shown with me above on the Berry Farm on Maysville Road, farmed until 1955 when he became a homebuilder.  The German Rocket Team had arrived in Huntsville in 1950 and the city was exploding.  


My father formed J. T. Berry, Inc., in 1976, to manage the farmland left to him by his parents. 


In 2007, I established Berry Millsaps Properties. It was made possible by the hard work of my grandparents

and my parents Tom and Jean Berry.  

My family and Huntsville and Madison County have provided deep roots for which Joe and I are very grateful.  

Lynne Berry Vallely

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